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Agave americana - Century Plant

Delosperma 'Fire Spinner' - Fire Spinner Ice Plant

Delosperma 'Jewel Of Desert Garnet' - Jewel Of Desert Garnet Ice Plant

Delosperma congestum * - Hardy Ice Plant

Delosperma cooperi * - Purple Ice Plant

Delosperma floribundum 'Stardust' * - Stardust Ice Plant

Delosperma nubigenum * - Yellow Ice Plant

Hesperaloe parviflora - Red Yucca

Kalanchoe pumila - Flower Dust Plant

Opuntia compressa * - Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus

Opuntia humifusa - Prickly Pear Cactus

Sedum 'Autumn Charm' - Autumn Charm Stonecrop

Sedum 'Autumn Delight' * - Autumn Delight Stonecrop

Sedum 'Autumn Joy' - Autumn Joy Stonecrop

Sedum 'Bertram Anderson' - Bertram Anderson Stonecrop

Sedum 'Carl' - Carl Stonecrop

Sedum 'Cherry Tart' - Cherry Tart Stonecrop

Sedum 'Dazzleberry' - Dazzleberry Stonecrop

Sedum 'Firecracker' - Firecracker Stonecrop

Sedum 'Lime Zinger' - Lime Zinger Stonecrop

Sedum 'Matrona' - Matrona Stonecrop

Sedum 'Purple Emperor' - Purple Emperor Stonecrop

Sedum 'Rosy Glow' - Rosy Glow Stonecrop

Sedum 'Vera Jameson' - Vera Jameson Stonecrop

Sedum cauticola * - Japanese Stonecrop

Sedum cauticola 'Lidakense' * - Lidakense Stonecrop

Sedum kamtschaticum - Russian Stonecrop

Sedum makinoi 'Ogon' - Golden Stonecrop

Sedum rupestre * - Blue Spruce Stonecrop

Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' - Angelina Stonecrop

Sedum rupestre 'Lemon Ball' - Lemon Ball Stonecrop

Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Fire' - Autumn Fire Stonecrop

Sedum spectabile 'Brilliant' - Brilliant Stonecrop

Sedum spectabile 'Neon' - Neon Stonecrop

Sedum spurium - Dragon's Blood Stonecrop

Sedum spurium 'Fuldaglut' - Fulda Glow Stonecrop

Sedum spurium 'John Creech' - John Creech Stonecrop

Sedum spurium 'Red Carpet' - Red Carpet Stonecrop

Sedum spurium 'Tricolor' - Tricolor Stonecrop

Sempervivum arachnoideum 'Cobweb' - Cobweb Hens And Chicks

Sempervivum montanum 'var. striacum' - Hens And Chicks

Yucca filamentosa - Adam's Needle

Yucca filamentosa 'Bright Edge' * - Bright Edge Adam's Needle

Yucca filamentosa 'Color Guard' - Color Guard Adam's Needle

Yucca filamentosa 'Golden Sword' - Golden Sword Adam's Needle

Yucca recurvifolia - Curve-leaf Yucca

Yucca rostrata 'Sapphire Skies' - Sapphire Skies Yucca

This Plant Finder tool is an online resource representing many of the varieties that we carry over the course of the season, and is intended for informational purposes only. Inventory varies seasonally, so we cannot guarantee that every plant will be in stock at all times - please contact the store directly for current availability. It does not include our entire selection of plants, so be sure to visit our store to see varieties that may not be represented on this list.